Buy refurbished laptops to save earth, money and planet too

Want to do something good for the planet this Earth Hour? Buying refurbished laptops is a great idea as compared to buying a brand new laptop, as refurbished laptops are priced lower and also help to reduce one’s carbon footprint, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Around 270 kgs of CO2 (a greenhouse gas) is released during the manufacturing of a laptop. The USA alone generated GHG emissions equivalent to annual CO2 emissions of 6, 76,000 cars to meet its laptop demand in 2002. Purchasing refurbished laptops on sale not only helps you save money, but also helps save the planet too by helping tackle global warming. How You Benefit

Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying a refurbished laptop: Big Savings:

Refurbished laptops are significantly cheaper, are well tested for performance and functionally at par with brand new ones. Some laptops are sold as refurbished ones at heavy discounts just because they are not brand new.


Used laptops sale in India is picking up pace due to its reliability. Every factory repaired laptop is thoroughly inspected for defects. Any malfunctioning part is replaced or upgraded as required to restore functionalities – so there is a possibility of getting a better product at a cheaper price. Also, reputable refurbished electronics sellers offer warranty adding to the reliability factor.

Easily Affordable:

Renovated laptops allow consumers to own premium products at cheaper prices. It has also enabled many consumers with lower budgets to afford laptops due to heavy discounts.

How the Environment Benefits

Apart from being priced lower, refurbished laptops can benefit the environment too:

Cut Down GHG and Global Warming:

The major cause of global warming is CO2 emission, contributing 57% of the total GHG emissions. Buying these refurbished laptops reduces the demand for production of brand new laptops. As a result of lowered production, carbon/GHG emissions from manufacture of new laptops are also reduced, thereby helping lower Global Warming.

Tackle Climate Change:

Climate change is the biggest global concern right now. Used laptops sale in India will ease the pressure on supply of raw materials used in manufacturing and will also help cutting down on mining and saving flora, fauna and precious natural resources eventually helping the climate.

So, lets move one step ahead and go for refurbished laptops and other electronic gadgets and help the earth and yourself to reduce global warming effect from the universe. Take initiatives and help the climate.