Truth And Myths Of Refurbished Computers

Truth And Myths Of Refurbished Computers

Refurbished computers doesn’t mean that using before and selling it. Buying of refurbished products isn’t the compromising performances, features and quality. The Most common reactions appears from the companies when refurbishers approach to sell refurbished products are:

  • Refurbished products have lower configuration than what I require for organization needs.
  • These are low quality.
  • They have low performance issues.
  • These products are No Warranty.

Many people and organizations sustain fear and worries against refurbished computers as a result of ignorance and lack of information on these items. This disgrace is just not in the corporate area, but spreads far more extensive and deeper in the consumers markets too. It has been worked over the years and on numerous myths that are still doing rounds in the society. This article endeavors to highlight those myths and bust them with reasonable clarifications.

Myth: Refurbished computers have lesser configuration as compared to new devices.

Truth: Yes, it is true that new computers come with latest configurations like greater clock speed, bigger RAM, additional graphic card, etc. In any case, one needs to understand the difference between having the latest configuration and utilizing all the features of that configuration. Truly saying what is the percentage of people really using all the latest configurations on laptops or desktops. Majority of the people utilizing laptops or desktops for simply mail checking, creating records in MS word and exce, web browsing. For all these tasks a highly configuration system not at all a mandatory. In this way, it is not mandatory to have high configuration PC. Along these lines, refurbished devices can provide the required configuration at lesser prices.

Myth: No Guarantee or Warranty for refurbished computers:

Truth: Don’t think only new computerss can provide warranty on their products, Even refurbished products are providing limited manufacturer warranty. You should consider buying refurbished computers only from such reliable companies who extend reliable warranty services.

Myth: Refurbished computers are meant for schools/libraries and not profit for organizations:

Truth: All things considered, given the working condition and execution, refurbished computers can be utilized by anyone – individual consumers and business foundations too. Without a doubt refurbished computers were first focused at schools and NGOs to give a push to these items and let individuals utilize and judge them. We have now progressed significantly and many companies today are purchasing and using refurbished products without any hitch or glitch.

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