Buy Refurbished Products And Make “Green India”

My own experiences living in India were not something I appreciated. The crowded roads, the complete destruction and disruption. It made me, a bit sick and claustrophobic to be straightforward . But in a way I started to understand the elements of the city.

As India’s population keeps on increasing, more citizens keeps on thinking that rustic situations aren’t implied for them and move into the buzzing about of urban areas. It isn't their shortcoming truly , they need to make a fast buck , and urban communities appear to house the huge dreams they have. Indian urban communities from rural areas looking for better job and lifestyles. The quantity of individuals living in Indian urban areas will estimated to touch 843 million by the year 2050.

This kind of monstrous can be poisonous to our nation. To suit this huge urbanization, India needs to find smarter discover more astute approaches to manage complexities, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality of life. Smart cities are solution for the all the major problems related to urbanization and population explosion in our country. Seven big cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Hyderabad needs to focus by our nation. These cities needs to technological advancement rather than manpower. Increasing the usage of Refurbished and recycling of laptops and computers to maintain greenery and healthy environment. UsedStore started “Safe City” project as providing Refurbished products